Synopsis:  Winter. Early morning. An empty road. A truck transfering prisoners is brutally ambushed. Somebody wants one of the prisoners inside the truck. And they won’t stop until they get him out. The plan is watertight. He doesn’t care about the consequences. Nothing is going to stop him. But martín, the driver of the truck, survives the ambush and holes up in the back of the vehicle with the prisoners, becoming an obstacle. Forced to come to an understanding with his natural enemies, martín will try to survive and do his duty over the course of the longest night of his life, an ordeal that will transform his beliefs. Project status:Filming Directed by:  Lluís Quílez Produced by:  Pedro Uriol Written by: Fernando Navarro y Lluís Quílez Details: 2019 Color



Synopsis: A escaped boy from home, is listening, crouched in the depths of his hiding place, the cries of the men who seek him. When the searched passes, what remains before him is an infinite and arid plain that he must cross if he wants to get away definitively from what has made him flee. One night, his steps are crossed with those of an old goatherd and, from that moment, nothing will be the same for either of them. "Out in the Open" narrates the flight of a child through a country punished by drought and governed by violence. A closed world, without names or dates, in which morality has escaped through the same sinkhole through which the water has gone. Project status: In Post-Production Directed by: Benito Zambrano Produced by:  Juan Gordon and Pedro Uriol Based on: The homonym novel by Jesús Carrasco 2019 Color



Synopsis: After arriving home to find her husband completely crazy, the young literary editor Helga Pato is forced to put him into a psychiatric clinic in the north of the country. On the return train journey, a stranger, to help pass the time, suddenly asks her: “Would you like me to tell you about my life?” He is Ángel Sanagustín, a psychiatrist who Works in the clinic where Helga’s husband was admitted, and he is investigating the story of the worst clinical case he has ever come across, that of Martin Urales de Úbeda, an extremely dangerous paranoid, obsessed with, among other things, garbage. After finishing Martin´s story, Ángel says goodbye to Helga and disappears, but he has left behind a file full of stories. Helga is fascinated by them and decides to try to publish them. With this objective, Helga begins a search for Ángel. The problem is that she mistakes narrators with authors, and authors with characters. Project Status: In Post-Production Directed by:  Aritz Moreno Produced by:  Merry Colomer, Leire Apellániz and Juan Gordon 2019 Color [...]



Synopsis: Sanctuary is a documentary film that will allow the viewer to follow firsthand, through the eyes of Javier Bardem, the story of an ambitious environmental protection initiative to create the World´s largest marine sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean.Project Status: In Post-Production   Directed by: Álvaro Longoria Produced by:  Álvaro Longoria, Carlos Bardem, Javier Bardem Documentary 2019 Color