BAJOZERO About Synopsis Winter. Early morning. An empty road. A truck transfering prisoners is brutally ambushed. Somebody wants one of the prisoners inside the truck. And they won’t stop until they get him out. The plan is watertight. He doesn’t care about the consequences. Nothing is going to stop him. But martín, the driver of the truck, survives the ambush and holes up in the back of the vehicle with the prisoners, becoming an obstacle. Forced to come to an understanding with his natural enemies, martín will try to survive and do his duty over the course of the longest night of his life, an ordeal that will transform his beliefs. Details Directed by:  Lluís Quílez Produced by:  Pedro Uriol Written by: Fernando Navarro y Lluís Quílez Details: 2019 Color Project status: Post-production



UNFORTUNATE STORIES Synopsis RAYITO At his retirement party, successful businessman Don Horacio is presented with a stunning and touching gift from his son. But it’s his son and the guests who will be in for a surprise by the incendiary reaction of a man who, ever since childhood, has always known exactly what he wants. THE MAN FROM THE BEACH At the crack of dawn, neat freak Bermejo heads to the beach, located just yards away from his apartment building, to pitch his beach umbrella and lay down his towel before anyone can take his favorite spot. But not only will he never reach the beach,  through a series of random and unfortunate events Bermejo will steadily be dragged away from the coast and -against his will- be driven further and further inland. AYOUB'S BIRTHDAY Tina, a self-centered and world-weary woman, gets by thanks to her limitless gall and her ability to mooch off anyone who comes near her. One morning, Ayoub -a young, unsuspecting  immigrant- innocently offers to do some yard work for her. It will be the start of [...]