Project Description


A story about miracles and perfectly timed kicks, HOLY GOALIE follows an unorthodox priest who has been given the divine charge of coaching a soccer team of holy (and highly amateur) players. Threatened by lack of funding, the team must win the regional championship in order to raise enough money to save their little mountain monastery. A light-hearted comedy full of penalties and prayers, HOLY GOALIE invites us to attend a soccer match made in heaven

Release date: Janury 5, 2018


Karra Elejalde, Alain Hernández, Macarena García, El Langui, Joel Bosqued.

Directed by:
Curro Velázquez

Written by:
Curro Velázquez and Mauricio Romero

Produced by:
Juan Gordon

Nationality: Spain
Year: 2017
Color: Color