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Pedro Uriol

Pedro runs the Los Angeles office of Morena Films where he is currently developing projects in English for the international market.

After getting his Economics degree from the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid,  and with a Master in Audiovisual Production (MEGA) from the Media Business School, he went on to work as Project Manager in the ‘Compañía Española de Financiación del Desarrollo’ (COFIDES) and in EDFI in Brussels.

Pedro joined Morena Films in 1999 as its Business and Legal Affairs Manager and actively participated in productions such as, One of the Hollywood Ten (Karl Francis), and Inferno, by Joaquim Leitao. He later went on to be Associate Producer on films like Gente Pez, (directed by Jorge Iglésias); El Lápiz del Carpintero (Antón Reixa); Canícula, (de Álvaro García-Capelo) and The Best Is Yet to Come (by David Blanco & Jorge Semprún).

Pedro has produced multiple internationally recognized feature length films such as the apocalyptic thriller The Last Days (directed by Alex & David Pastor); the period drama Farewell, My Queen (Les Adieux à la Regne, by Benôit Jacquot); the romantic drama Bon Appétit (by David Pinillos) and the social drama America (by Joao Nuno Pinto). He has also produced a wide range of comedies for the Spanish market such as Salir Pitando (Álvaro Fernández-Armero); SLAM and Fin de Curso (both directed by Miguel Martí).