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The characters of Gente Pez share a flat in the big city, far from their family homes for the first time. All of them naively believe that their new independence is the first step towards a guaranteed happiness. They do not take into account that their negligible experience as adults and their recalcitrant selfishness will lead them straight to the most pathetic and funny failure. In other words, it’s a story of a group of boys and girls dealing the best they can with problems of daily life in the same house. GENTE PEZ opened in the summer of 2001 and achieved great box office success, as one of the year’s most seen Spanish films. GENTE PEZ was MORENA’S first HAPPYHOUR production



TITLE: Fish people
YEAR: 2001
DURATION: 89 min
GENRE: Comedy
PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon and Álvaro Longoria
DIRECTED BY: Jorge Iglesias
WRITTEN BY: Jorge Iglesias and Mauro Entrialgo
CAST: Juan Díaz, David Tenreiro, Diana Palazón, Luke Donovan