about us

Morena Films was founded in 1999 with the objective of producing innovative, high-quality content aimed specifically at the international market. Since then we have produced more than fifty feature length films, documentaries, animated works and TV series with directors such as Asghar Farhadi, Oliver Stone, Icíar Bollaín, Steven Soderbergh, Carlos Saura, Javier Fesser, Pablo Trapero and Daniel Calparsoro, to name just a few.

Our films have been entered at the most prestigious film festivals and have garnered both national and international awards & recognition. They include: Everybody knows  (Asghar Farhadi, 2018) that inaugurated the 71st edition of Cannes Film FestivalEven the Rain (I. Bollaín, 2010), which was nominated at the Toronto Film Festival, won the People’s Choice award at Berlinale, represented Spain at the Oscars (2011) and received the Silread Ariel for best Latin American film, as well as three Goya Awards in 2011; Cell 211 (D. Monzón, 2009), nominated for 16 Goya Awards in 2010, winning eight including Best Film; Submergence (Wim Wenders, 2017) which was the San Sebastian Film Festivalopening movie and was selected for Toronto International Film Festival; and Che and Che: Part II (S. Soderbergh, 2008), the two films that tell the life of Che Guevara, for which Benicio del Toro won Best Male Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

Morena Films also backs quality documentaries. As a matter of fact, Sons of the Clouds (A. Longoria, 2012), a documentary on the Saharan conflict, produced and presented by Javier Bardem, was awarded the Goya Award for Best Documentary in 2013, as well as being featured at major film festivals in San Sebastián, Havana, Moscow and Berlin; The Propaganda Game (Álvaro Longoria, 2016), was nominated for the Goya Awards in 2016 and participated in San Sebastian Film Festival receiving the medal for the best documentary granted by the Cinema Writers Circle.

Moreover, our movies also have clear commercial ambitions. Two of our films, Champions(Javier Fesser, 2018) and Cell 211 (Daniel Monzón, 2009) are two of the twenty biggest blockbusters of the Spanish history; To steal from a Thief (Daniel Calparsoro, 2016) occupied the fourth position in the 2016 Blockbuster ranking; our last production; Everybody knows (Asghar Farhadi, 2018), that will be launched in Spain the 14thof September 2018, was released in France closely reaching the 700.000 spectators, a big success for a Spanish movie.

In addition to creative output, Morena provides production services to foreign companies interested in filming in Spain. We have been involved in productions like There be Dragons, directed by Roland Joffe (La Misión), and the Canadian TV series The Queen of Swords.

At Morena Films, we are dedicated to offering high-quality content at all levels, promoting the Spanish Film Industry, bridging joint international productions, and adapting to new production and audio-visual consumption trends as well as emerging business models.

the team

Pilar Benito
Pilar BenitoManaging Director
Juan Gordon
Juan GordonProducer
Alvaro Longoria
Alvaro LongoriaProducer
Pedro Uriol
Pedro UriolProducer
Merry Colomer
Merry ColomerProducer
Antonio Aragón
Antonio AragónFinancial Director
José Luis García
José Luis GarcíaAdministration and Accounting
Belén Miranda
Belén MirandaAccounting Department
Esther García
Esther GarcíaProduction Accounting
Maru Loaiza
Maru LoaizaBusiness & Legal Affairs
Ana Cárdenas
Ana CárdenasGeneral Services
Berta Moreno
Berta MorenoAssistant to the producer
María Kindelan
María KindelanAssistant to the producer
Rodrigo Espinel
Rodrigo EspinelAssistant to the producer
María Soler
María Soler Assistant to the producer
Elena Alcolea
Elena AlcoleaPost-production Supervisor
José Julian Santiesteban
José Julian SantiestebanPostProduction Assistant
Antonio Pérez
Antonio PérezPostProduction Assistant
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro MorenoProduction Assistant