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FORMENTOR, THE SEA OF WORDS Trailer Synopsis Directed by the multi-award-winning director Jose Luis López Linares, FORMENTOR - A SEA OF WORDS is a commissioned documentary by the Barceló Hotel Group about possibly his most charismatic and most historic hotel: The Formentor Hotel in Mallorca, known as the "Hotel of the stars". Located in one of the most important areas of the island, facing the idyllic Formentor Beach, is a glorification of culture and respect for the environment. A hub for artists and the destination of great personalities of the 20th century who came in search of inspiration: Audrey Hepburn, Dalai Lama, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly and Rainier of Monaco... and especially writers such as the winner of the novel award Mario Vargas Llosa, who wrote one of his most remembered books at the hotel. Its origin dates back to the 20s, when Argentinian Adan Diehl, avant-garde cult visionary, nature and art lover, was captivated by the poems in which Miquel Costa y Llobera professed their love for Formentor. Having decided to respect nature and encourage art, he [...]


RELATOS CON-FIN-A-DOS Trailer Synopsis Filmed during confinement by the actors themselves and in their homes, RELATOS CON-FIN-A-DOS is a series consisting of self-conclusive stories ranging from romantic comedy to drama with terror and suspense in between. Each episode will be directed by a prestigious director: Fernando Colomo, Álvaro Fernández-Armero, David Marqués, Miguel Bardem and Juan Diego Botto, and will star a pair of great actors like Luis Tosar and Maria Luisa Mayol, Alvaro Rico and Carlos Bardem, Manuela Velasco and Rafa Castejón, Alberto Ammann and Clara Méndez Leite and Sara Sálamo and featuring Isco Alarcón. Gallery Details TITLE: Confined stories YEAR: 2020 GENRE: TV - series / thirller NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria, Cecilia Gessa, Anna Saura EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Álvaro Longoria, Cecilia Gessa DIRECTED BY: Fernando Colomo, Alvaro Fernández-Armero, David Marqués, Miguel Bardem, Juan Diego Botto WRITTEN BY: Belén Sánchez Arévalo, Álvaro Fernández-Armero, David Marqués, Rafa Calatayud, Carolina Román y Mario Parra CAST: Carlos Bardem, Alvaro Rico, Manuela Velasco, Rafa Castejón, Alberto Ammann, Clara Méndez-Leite, Luis Tosar, Luisa Mayol, Nur [...]


QUARANTINE DIARIES Trailer Synopsis Living with someone has always been complicated, whether it's your partner, your family, or your roommates... even living alone brings its difficulties. But now, all of a sudden and without warning, we are spending all our time, 24x7 with that person with whom we share life. Suddenly, every house in this country has become a version of Big Brother. This can last two weeks, two months, or more. We've gone from "I'm going to the pub" as an escape to...."I'm going to the kitchen!". Right now, we are prisoners in our own homes, there is no escape, from our cell mates, even for a moment. Imagine if we were able to look through a hole in the wall to our neighbours or friend's homes, we would probably be in hysterics at their moments of heightened tension, without realizing that ours are probably much worse. Well, imagine having access to their webcam which they left switched on by mistake. Would you warn them of their carelessness or would you stay and spy on them?.....Me too. [...]


DIABLERO (season 2) Trailer Synopsis It's been a while since the Diableros saved the world. Currently, the groups situation is in a bit of a mess. Elvis is having to combine his work as a Demon hunter with that of taking care of Mariana, the daughter of her missing father -Ventura. Nancy struggles to lead a normal life as she tries get away from the demons, and Keta continues to follow the trail of Conclave, a mysterious organisation that has her missing son- Mayaken. Ventura is still missing. He could be dead or perhaps he's in another world, nobody knows. Gallery Details TITLE: Diablero YEAR: 2020 DURATION: 40 mins (Netflix series) GENRE: Comedy/ fantasy/ horror PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol DIRECTED BY: Jose Manuel Cravioto WRITTEN BY: Pablo Tébar, Verónica Marzá, Laura Sarmiento, José Rodríguez, Daniel Sánchez and Augusto Mendoza CAST: Horacio Garcia Rojas, Christopher Von Uckermann, Giselle Kuri, Fátima Molina, Humberto Busto, Ela Velden, Michel Duval.


OUT IN THE OPEN Trailer Synopsis A escaped boy from home, is listening, crouched in the depths of his hiding place, the cries of the men who seek him. When the searched passes, what remains before him is an infinite and arid plain that he must cross if he wants to get away definitively from what has made him flee. One night, his steps are crossed with those of an old goatherd and, from that moment, nothing will be the same for either of them. "Out in the Open" narrates the flight of a child through a country punished by drought and governed by violence. A closed world, without names or dates, in which morality has escaped through the same sinkhole through which the water has gone. Gallery Awards  Goya Award nominations (2020)  Winner of the Goya Award (2020) for Best Original Song Winner of the Goya Award (2020) for Best Adapted Screenplay Festivals  Seminci - Valladolid International Film Week (2019) Seville European Film Festival (2019) [...]


ADVANTAGES OF TRAVELLING BY TRAIN Trailer Synopsis After arriving home to find her husband completely crazy, the young literary editor Helga Pato is forced to put him into a psychiatric clinic in the north of the country. On the return train journey, a stranger, to help pass the time, suddenly asks her: “Would you like me to tell you about my life?” He is Ángel Sanagustín, a psychiatrist who Works in the clinic where Helga’s husband was admitted, and he is investigating the story of the worst clinical case he has ever come across, that of Martin Urales de Úbeda, an extremely dangerous paranoid, obsessed with, among other things, garbage. After finishing Martin´s story, Ángel says goodbye to Helga and disappears, but he has left behind a file full of stories. Helga is fascinated by them and decides to try to publish them. With this objective, Helga begins a search for Ángel. The problem is that she mistakes narrators with authors, and authors with characters. Gallery: Awards: 4 Goya Award [...]


SANCTUARY Watch now Trailer Synopsis Sanctuary is a documentary film that will allow the viewer to follow firsthand, through the eyes of Javier Bardem, the story of an ambitious environmental protection initiative to create the World´s largest marine sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean. Gallery Festivals San Sebastian International Film Festival (2019)Seminci - Semana Internacional De Cine De Valladolid (2019)Toronto International Film Festival Tiff (2019)The Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival (2019)  Watch now Details TITLE: Sanctuary YEAR: 2019 DURATION: 74 mins GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria, Javier Bardem y Carlos Bardem DIRECTED BY: Álvaro Longoria WRITTEN BY: Carlos Bardem, Álvaro Longoria CAST:Carlos Bardem, Javier Bardem


DIABLERO (season 1) Trailer Synopsis The eternal struggle that exists between angels and demons in the treacherous streets of Mexico will open the doors to a fantasy world never seen before, where anything could happen. This supernatural horror thriller, with touches of comedy, focuses on the adventures of Father Ramiro Ventura, a priest who seeks the help of the legendary "diablero" or demon-hunter, Elvis Infante. With the help of Nancy, a modern-day superhero, this extravagant trio unlock a series of events that will end up marking the fate of mankind. On this journey, they will hunt down and sell demons, fallen angels and other worldly creatures on the black market, making them part of an ongoing underground fight. The cast of this apocalyptic series includes: Christopher Von Uckermann (Elite Way School, KDABRA, Rebel), Horacio Garcia Rojas (Texas Rising, Julia, La Carga), Giselle Kuri (La Doña, Seres Humanos, Los no invitados), Fátima Molina (La Doña, Sueño en otro idioma, Vagoneros), Dolores Heredia (Vantage Point, Sense 8, Capadocia), Humberto Busto (El Chapo, Julkita, Polar Bear), Flavio Medina (Alma de hierro, [...]


YULI Trailer Synopsis Yuli is the nickname given to Carlos Acosta by his father Pedro, who considers him the son of Ogun, an African warrior god. From a young age, Yuli fled any kind of discipline and education and the streets of a run-down neighborhood in Havana was where he learned most of his schooling. But his father knows his son has a natural talent for dance and forces him to attend Cuba’s National Dance School. Despite escaping time after time and his initial indiscipline, Yuli ends up being captivated by the world of the dance, and from childhood will begin to forge his own legend, becoming the first black dancer to interpret some of the most famous roles in ballet, traditionally performed by white dancers, in companies such as the Houston Ballet or London’s Royal Ballet. Gallery Awards 5 Goya Award nominations (2019) 1 nomination for the Feroz Awards (2019) Special Jury Award for Best Screenplay at the San Sebastian Film Festival (2018) Pubic Award at the Nantes Spanish [...]


NEITHER DISTINCT NOR DIFFERENT: CHAMPIONS Trailer Synopsis This documentary is the story about ten people who have a life, a family, an environment that takes care of them, other that complicates their lives, and they have done a movie. All these ten people have intellectual or development disabilities, and this documentary is a portrait of their routines narrated by them and by their families, what they see, what we see and hoy our players see “the others”: With love, ignorance, fear, affection, slight, sorrow? Gallery Festivals Festival De San Sebastián (2018) Festival Internacional De Cine En Guadalajara (2019) Details TITLE: Neither distinct nor different: Champions YEAR: 2018 DURATION: 86 mins GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria and Luis Manso DIRECTED BY: Álvaro Longoria WRITTEN BY: Álvaro Longoria


RENZO PIANO: THE ARCHITECT OF LIGHT Trailer Synopsis A very special building, the Botín Center.The architect, a contemporary genius, Renzo Piano.The director, another contemporary genius, Carlos Saura. Carlos Saura and Renzo Piano will unfold their view on the relationship between architecture and cinema and show us the magic surrounding this gigantic building as imagined by Renzo Piano. The Botín Center, through time, will modify the soul of the city forever. Gallery Festivals Festival De San Sebastián (2018)Festival Internacional De Cine En Guadalajara (2019) Ficha técnica TITLE: Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light YEAR: 2018 DURATION: 72 mins GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Lucrecia Botín and Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Carlos Saura WRITTEN BY: Carlos Saura


TWO CATALONIAS Trailer Synopsis Towards the end of last year, Cataluna was about to decide its future in one of the strangest and dramatic elections in modern democratic history. Accompanying the candidates from Cataluna to Brussels and finally to Estremera's prison, this documentary shows the never before seen face of the elections: the meetings backstage, the debate preparations and the privacy of these candidates during the campaign and election night. Through dozens of balanced interviews with intellectuals, jurists, politicians and citizens, we attempt to understand the build up and aftermath of these elections, how did we reach this point and what does the future hold? Gallery Details TITLE: Two Catalonias YEAR: 2019 DURATION: 116 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spanish PRODUCED BY: Rafael Portela, Gerardo Olivares and Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY:Alvaro Longoria and Gerardo Olivares WRITTEN BY: Alvaro Longoria and Gerardo Olivares


EVERYBODY KNOWS Trailer Synopsis The film follows Laura on her travels from Buenos Aires to her small home town in Spain for her sister’s wedding. What was supposed to be a brief family visit will be affected by some events that will change their lives forever. Gallery Awards Premios Feroz (2019) Mejor película - Nominada Premios Feroz (2019) Mejor tráiler - Nominada Premios Goya (2019) Mejor canción original - Nominada Premios Goya (2019) Mejor Dirección - Nominado Premios Goya (2019) Mejor guión original - Original - Nominado Premios Goya (2019) Mejor montaje / Best Editing - Nominado Premios Goya (2019) Mejor película - Nominada Festivals Black Nights Film Festival (2018) Panorama Busan International Film Festival (2018) World Cinema Chicago International Film Festival (2018) Masters Cine Latino Minneapolis St. Paul Film Festival (2018) Fiction Cinéma Spagnol Nantes (2019) Hommage à Javier Bardem Cinéma Spagnol Nantes (2019) Hors compétition Festival De Cannes (2018) En Competición / Competition Festival De Málaga. Cine En Español (2019) Actividades paralelas - Cinefórum Festival [...]


THE KEEPER OF THE CAVE Trailer Synopsis The Keeper of the Cave is a very special journey that takes you through one of the most inaccessible places of Spanish Heritage: the Altamira Cave. This tour of the impressive paintings and secret corners of the cave is guided by the greatest expert on Altamira, José Antonio Lasheras, who was the director there for 10 years. During this visit, José Antonio will reveal using anecdotes and emotions, the greatest mysteries that Altamira holds. Gallery Details TITLE: The Keeper of the Cave YEAR: 2018 DURATION: 63 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Lucrecia Botín y Alvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: José Luis López Linares WRITTEN BY: José Luis López Linares


ALTAMIRA THE BIRTH OF ART Trailer Synopsis Altamira, the origin of art is a documentary, but not only that, it is a great cinematographic project to “rediscover” the so-called Sistine Chapel of Rock Art and tell the story of the discovery of a cave and some paintings that amazed the world. Gallery Festivals Festival De San Sebastián (2018) Festival Internacional De Cine En Guadalajara (2019) Seminci- Semana Internacional De Cine De Valladolid (2018) – Tiempo de historia Details TITLE: Altamira The Birth Of Art YEAR: 2018 DURATION: 78 mins GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Alvaro Longoria and Lucrecia Botín DIRECTED BY: José Luis López Linares WRITTEN BY: José Luis López Linares


THE WARNING Trailer Synopsis 2008: A man is shot in a convenience store in a seemingly random act of violence. But was it random? As the victim lays in coma, his math-whiz best friend begins to decipher a history of eerily similar events occurring in the same location. 2018: a bullied boy receives an anonymous warning that should he enter that convenience store on his tenth birthday he will surely die. Gallery Festivals San Sebastian Festival (2018)  Miami Film Festival. Miami Dade College (2018) Details TITLE: The Warning YEAR: 2018 DURATION: 92 mins GENRE: Thriller NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol DIRECTED BY: Daniel Calparsoro WRITTEN BY: Jorge Guerricaechevarría and Chris Sparling CAST: Raúl Arévalo, Aura Garrido, Belén Cuesta


CHAMPIONS Trailer Synopsis Marcos is the second coach of professional basket team. After a fight with his boss and a car accident, Marcos is fired and convicted to make social services during 90 days, training a team of intellectual disbabled basket players. What seems a torture at the beginning because of the "peculiarities" of his players, will turn into a learning process for Marcos and the group. Gallery Awards Premio José María Forqué (2019) Largometraje de ficción y/o animación - Winner Premio José María Forqué (2019) Premio al cine y educación en valores - Winner Premios Feroz (2019) Best comedy - Winner Premios Feroz (2019) Best direction - Nominated Premios Feroz (2019) Best trailer - Nominated Premios Goya (2019) Best New Actor - Winner Premios Goya (2019) Best Original Song - Winner Premios Goya (2019) Best Director - Nominated Premios Goya (2019) Best Line Production - Nominated Premios Goya (2019) Best Screenplay - Original - Nominated Premios Goya (2019) Best Editing - Nominated Premios Goya (2019) Best Film - Winner Premios [...]


HOLY GOALIE Trailer Synopsis A story about miracles and perfectly timed kicks, HOLY GOALIE follows an unorthodox priest who has been given the divine charge of coaching a soccer team of holy (and highly amateur) players. Threatened by lack of funding, the team must win the regional championship in order to raise enough money to save their little mountain monastery. A light-hearted comedy full of penalties and prayers, HOLY GOALIE invites us to attend a soccer match made in heaven. Gallery Festivals Miami Film Festival. Miami Dade College (2018) Details Details TITLE: Holy Goalie YEAR: 2017 DURATION: 95 min. GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Curro Velázquez WRITTEN BY: Curro Velázquez, Mauricio Romero CAST: Karra Elejalde, Alain Hernández, El Langui, Macarena García, Joel Bosqued


SUBMERGENCE Trailer Synopsis "Submergence" is a love story that takes us into the extremely different worlds of our two protagonists, Danielle Flinders (Alicia Vikander) and James More (James McAvoy). They meet by chance in a remote hotel in Normandy where they both prepare for a dangerous mission. They fall in love almost against their will, but soon recognize in each other the love of their lives. When they have to separate, we find out that James works for the British Secret Service. He’s involved in a mission in Somalia to track down a source for suicide bombers infiltrating Europe. Danielle ‘Danny’ Flinders is a bio-mathematician working on a deep sea diving project to support her theory about the origin of life on our planet. Soon, they are worlds apart. James is taken hostage by Jihadist fighters and has no way of contacting Danny, and she has to go down to the bottom of the ocean in her submersible, not even knowing if James is still alive… Gallery Festivals Goteborg International [...]


ESPERANZA Trailer Synopsis Based on one of the journeys of the Esperanza to the Arctic, this short documentary tells the story of life on board of Greenpeace’s ship. Through conversations with the crew, we will discover their motivations for risking their lives to defend the planet, so far away from home. Gallery Details TITLE: Esperanza YEAR: 2016 DURATION: 15 min GENRE: Documental NATIONALITY: España PRODUCED BY: Alvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Alvaro Longoria WRITTEN BY: Alvaro Longoria


THE OLIVE TREE Trailer Synopsis Alma, 20, works in a chicken farm by the village of Canet, in the province of Castellon, on the East coast of Spain.  She has a profound connection with her dearly beloved Grandfather despite the fact he has stopped talking years ago. But when he begins to refuse food too Alma becomes obsessed with an idea: the only way to save her Grandfather is to recover the two thousand year olive tree that the family uprooted and sold 12 years ago against his will. Lying through her teeth, without a plan and even less money, Alma engages her wayward Uncle "Artichoke", 45, ruined by the crisis, her colleague Rafa, 30, her friends Wiki (Wikipedia)  and Adele and a big part of the small community of Canet in an outragoeus endeavour; to find and return the olive tree, lost somewhere in Europe, to its rightful spot in the family grove where it has been tended, and in turn, given life,  for over 2 millenium. Gallery Awards [...]


FINDING ALTAMIRA Trailer Synopsis 1879. Amidst the green hills, snow-capped peaks and dramatic coastline of Northern Spain, nine year old Maria Sautuola, and her father, Marcelino (Antonio Banderas), an amateur archaeologist, discover something truly extraordinary, something that will change the history of mankind. The first cave art - breathtakingly fresh and accomplished paintings of galloping bison. At first all goes well, even the King comes to admire the cave, but Maria’s mother, the lovely and devout Conchita, is not the only one disturbed at the idea that prehistoric “savages” could have created such magnificent art. The Catholic Church sees the claim of ten thousand year old art as an attack on Biblical truth by Godless rationalists.  Shockingly the scientists prove just as dogmatic and reactionary. Instead of examining the evidence, Carthailac, the leading prehistorian, condemns Marcelino and his discovery as fakes. Maria’s fairytale world grows dark and her attempts to help only make things worse. The family is thrown into crisis and the cave locked up. It takes all their love for each other to find a way [...]


TO STEAL FROM A THIEF Trailer Synopsis A rainy morning. Six armed men in disguise attack a bank in Valencia. Lead by a thief nicknamed El Uruguayo, the group’s mission seems cut and dry: to clear out the most safe deposit boxes possible and to escape out a tunnel that was dug out in one of the bank’s offices which leads to an abandoned subway line. The details of the robbery shake the Government elite to its core. Ferrán, the president’s chief of staff, is surprised to discover that it is actually an operation organized by a faction within his own party in order to get their hands on the contents of Box 314 that belongs to Gonzalo Soriano. A former member of the party who is now in a coma after an accident, Soriano had deposited certain compromising documents in the safe deposit box. A thief with experience in this type of attack was hired to undertake the fake robbery: El Uruguayo. The assailants are unable to escape via their planned route because the heavy rains have [...]


MA MA Trailer Synopsis Magda (Penélope Cruz) is a woman who, facing a tragedy, reacts shining all the life she’s got inside of her, from the imaginable to the unimaginable things. She and her closest live unpredictable humour scenes and delicate happiness. Gallery Awards Premios Fotogramas De Plata 2015 - Mejor actriz de cine (Penélope Cruz) Premios Platino - Premio del Público a Mejor actriz (Penélope Cruz) Cibra - Premio Carlos Blanco al mejor guión original Premios Cinematográficos “Personaje” Y “¡Qué Bello Es Vivir!” - Premio “¡Qué bello es vivir!” Festivals 33 Miami International Film Festival 2016 (Estados Unidos / Usa) Lexus Ibero American Feature Film Competition Antalya International Film Festival (Turquía / Turkey) Biografilm Festival International Celebration Of Lives. Bolonia 2016 (Italia) Busan International Film Festival (Corea Del Sur / South Korea) Cibra - Festival Del Cine Y La Palabra 2015 Puebla De Montalbán, Toledo (España / Spain) Festival Internacional De Cine De Tokio 2016 (Japón / Japan) Sesión especial WOWO´s Cinema Studio Haifa International Film [...]


THE PROPAGANDA GAME Trailer Synopsis Documentary feature directed by Alvaro Longoria that analyses Propaganda and the different techniques and strategies in place, focusing on North Korea as a surprising and fascinating case study. The film has been shot in North Korea with privileged access thanks to Alejandro Cao de Benós, the only foreigner who works for the communist government. The film analyses the interests of the different « players » and the strategies they use to manipulate the « truth ». False news, half-truths and surreal controversies will lead the viewers to reach their own conclusions and reflect on how difficult it is to discern the truth. Gallery Awards 71 Medallas Cec 2016 - Círculo De Escritores Cinematográficos / Best documentary Festivals Adelaide Festival Of Arts 2015 Audi Dublin International Film Festival 2016 Sección History on Film Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival Festival De Cine De San Sebastián 2015 Sección Zabaltegi Festival Internacional De Mar De Plata Festival Internacional De Roma Festival Internacional De Zurich Stockholm Film [...]


SIDETRACKED Trailer Synopsis This is an optimistic comedy about the way a group of friends in their 40s face the changes undergone by present-day society. The lack of job opportunities and the need to get updated, the love stories that rarely conform to the premise of “forever” anymore and the feeling that nothing is as we had been told encircle a set of characters that will do as much as possible to redirect their lives. Three friends who met as they worked in journalism, Juan, Paco and Alberto, the latter’s wife, Luisa, her sister Sara, and young Lidia, are the characters of this comedy that combines daily life and surrealist situations with which we all can feel identified these days. Gallery Festivals 32nd Miami International Film Festival 2015  Panama International Film Festival 2015 Details TITLE: Sidetracked YEAR: 2014 DURATION: 103 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Alvaro Fernández-Armero WRITTEN BY: Alvaro Fernández-Armero CAST: Inma Cuesta, Candela Peña, Raúl Arévalo, Alberto San [...]


IN DARKNESS WE FALL Trailer Synopsis Formentera: white-sand beaches, the crystal clear Mediterranean sea, unspoilt natural beauty and five friends looping forward to the holiday of their lives in this idyllic location. On their second day on the island, the friends discover a hidden cave nestled into the side of a cliff and decide to go and explore it. Filled with excitement and adrenalin, the friends start to make their way through the countless passageways that make up the cave. Before long, they realise they are lost. They try for hours to find the way back to the surface, eventually they decide to spend the night inside the cave and start searching again the next day, once they’ve had some rest. But days go by and they are unable to find their way out. Panic is starting to set in. They have no way of communicating with the outside world and no food or water… and the lack of light is tormenting them towards dementia. Gallery Awards  Zonazine Award for [...]


SCORPION IN LOVE Trailer Synopsis SCORPION IN LOVE is a urban fable that tells us the story of Julián, a young man who with his best friend Luis participates actively in a group of violent neonazis lead by a fanatic man called Solís. Julian begins to train in a boxing gym and slowly sees how the discipline of this sport and the goodness of his trainer start changing him. But when he falls in love with Alyssa and his redemption is near, Luis and the rest of the "pack" will return to stop him from leaving behind his nazi past. Gallery Festivals 24 Festival De Cine Español De Nantes (Francia/France) Clausura - fuera de concurso Festival Solidario De Cine Español De Cáceres 2014 Sección oficial a concurso Details TITLE: Scorpion in love YEAR: 2013 DURATION: 95 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Santiago Zannou WRITTEN BY: Santiago Zannou, Carlos Bardem CAST: Álex González, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Carlos Bardem, Judith Diakhate in collaboration [...]


THE LAST DAYS Trailer Synopsis 2013. A mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet. Humanity develops an irrational fear of open spaces that causes instant death. Soon, the world population is trapped inside buildings. As Barcelona descends into chaos, Marc sets off on a quest to find Julia, his missing girlfriend, without ever going outside. Gallery Awards Premios Gaudí 2014 - Mejor película en lengua no catalana Premios Gaudí 2014 - Fotografía Premios Gaudí 2014 - Dirección de producción Premios Gaudí 2014 - Dirección artística Premios Gaudí 2014 - Sonido Premios Gaudí 2014 - Efectos especiales / digitales Premios Gaudí 2014 - Maquillaje y peluquería Festivals Madrid De Cine - Spanish Film Screenings 2013 Details TITLE: The last days YEAR: 2013 DURATION: 103 min GENRE: Thriller NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol, Alberto Marini, Mercedes Gamero, Kristina Larsen DIRECTED BY: Álex & David Pastor WRITTEN BY: Álex & David Pastor CAST: Quim Gutiérrez, José Coronado, Marta Etura


INVADER Trailer Synopsis After almost getting killed in a terrorist attack during an international mission, Pablo, a spanish military doctor returns home to recover from his wounds with his family. Soon Pablo starts suspecting that the army is withholding information about the attack and starts receiving pressure from to verify the official army version of the events. His refusal to comply and his search for the truth will endanger his life and his family. Gallery Festivals Festival De Cine De Sevilla 2012 Festival De Sitges 2012 Oficial Fantastic Galas Ficg 28 Festival Internacional De Cine En Guadalajara 2013 (México) Largometraje Iberoamericano de Ficción Details TITLE: Invader YEAR: 2012 DURATION: 99 min GENRE: Thriller NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon, Emma Lustres, Borja Pena DIRECTED BY: Daniel Calparsoro WRITTEN BY: Javier Gullón, Jorge Arenillas CAST: Alberto Ammann (Celda 211), Karra Elejalde, Inma Cuesta, Antonio de la Torre


7 DAYS IN HAVANA Trailer Synopsis 7 DAYS IN HAVANA is a snapshot of Havana in 2011: a contemporary portrait of this eclectic city, vital and forward-looking, told through a single feature-length movie made up of 7 chapters, directed by Benicio del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noé, Juan Carlos Tabío and Laurent Cantet. Each director, through his own sensibility, origins, and cinematographic style, has caught the energy and the vitality that makes this city unique. Some have chosen to meet cuban reality in tune with its everyday life, through the eyes of the foreigner far from his familiar points of reference. Others have chosen total immersion and drawn inspiration from the local people. Gallery Festivals San Sebastian Festival 60th edition (2012) 2012 Cannes Film Festival Rio De Janeiro Film Festival 2012  Festival Des Films Du Monde, Montreal (Canada) 2012  Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic) 2012 Details TITLE: 7 days in Havana YEAR: 2012 DURATION: 129 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED [...]


WHITE ELEPHANT Trailer Synopsis Ravaged by constant struggle, torn apart by the conflicting interests of rival drug cartels, venal political ambitions, rampant police corruption and the basic needs of the people, the Villa is a place of ever-growing tensions. When work on the hospital is stopped by ministerial order, things reach boiling point and a riot erupts. For Julian and Nicolas, the moment of reckoning - the final test of friendship and faith - arrives in a chapel where they find themselves protecting a neighbourhood youth on the run from murderous cops Gallery Awards 34 Festival De Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano De La Habana 2012 - Mejor montaje 34 Festival De Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano De La Habana 2012 - Premio Caminos 34 Festival De Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano De La Habana 2012 - Mención Premio Signis 3Er Festival Internacional Cine Fine Arts (República Dominicana Y Puerto Rico) - Mejor película Festival De Cinéma De La Ville De Quebéc - Prix de la Compétition Latin Beat Film Festival (Japón) - Mejor película [...]


SONS OF THE CLOUDS Trailer Synopsis SONS OF THE CLOUDS: THE LAST COLONY is Alvaro Longoria's first documentary as a director. Produced and conducted by Javier Bardem, the film examines the current political turmoil in Northern Africa and the responsibility of Western powers (especially the US and France) due to their applying of realpolitik (politics or diplomacy driven by economic or geo-strategic motives rather than by ethics or law) in their foreign policies. These policies have generated tremendous instabilities that have finally erupted into appalling violence and chaos. The film focuses on Western Sahara, the last African colony according to the UN. Gallery Awards IX Festival Internacional De Cine Del Sáhara Fisahara Primer Premio Camella Blanca del jurado popular Medallas Cec - Círculo De Escritores Cinematográficos 2013 Mejor película documental Premios Goya 2013 Mejor película documental Festivals 62 Berlinale - Festival Internacional De Cine De Berlín 2012 Berlinale Special Festival De Málaga Cine Español Sección oficial Festival De San Sebastián 2012 Made in Spain Festival Internacional De Cine [...]


ASTERIX AND OBELIX. GOD SAVE BRITANNIA Trailer Synopsis Julius Caesar lands in Britain, where a small village still holds out bravely against the Roman legions. But the situation becomes critical and the villagers have not got long to live; that's when Jolitorax, one of the villagers seeks volunteers to go seek help from his second-cousin Asterix the Gaul and bring back a barrel of "magic potion" from the Breton village of the indomitable heroes. Gallery Festivals Festival De Cine Francés Praga 2012 (República Checa) Succès du Cinéma Festival De Cine Tribeca De Doha 2012 (Qatar) Special Screening Festival Unifrance Panorama Del Cine Francés 2013 (China) Gira Del Cine Francés - 2013 Melbourne (Australia) Details TITLE: Asterix and Obelix. God save Britannia YEAR: 2012 DURATION: 106 min GENRE: Adventure NATIONALITY: France, Italy, Spain and Hungary PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Laurent Tirard WRITTEN BY: Laurent Tirard, Grégoire Vigneron with René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo CAST: Edouard Baer, Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve


FAREWELL MY QUEEN Trailer Synopsis A look at the relationship between Marie Antoinette and one of her readers during the first days of the French Revolution. Gallery Awards Best Photography at the César Du Cinéma Français Awards 2013 Best Art Direction at the 2013 César Du Cinéma Français Awards Best Costume Design at the 2013 César Du Cinéma Français Awards Festivals 15 Festival De Málaga. Cine Español 2012 Boston French Film Festival 2012 (Estados Unidos/Usa) City Of Lights, City Of Angels (Col-Coa) - Los Angeles - 2012 (Estados Unidos/Usa) Festival Du Film De Taipei 2012 (Taiwan) Festival Internacional De Pantalla Pinamar 2013 (Argentina) Festival International Du Film De Mumbai 2012 (India) Festival International Du Film De Stockholm - 2012 (Suecia/Sweden) Festival International Du Film De Tokyo 2012 (Japón/Japan) Festival Unifrance "Le Cinéma Français Aujourd´Hui" En Russie 2012 (Rusia/Russia) Festival Unifrance Rendez-Vous With French Cinema À New York 2012 (Estados Unidos/Usa) Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin Berlinale 2012 (Alemania/Germany) Minneapolis Film Festival 2012 (Estados Unidos/Usa) Rendez-Vous Avec Le Nouveau Cinéma Français [...]


THE MONK Trailer Synopsis THE MONK is a cinematographic adaptation of a 1796 gothic novel by Matthew G. Lewis, which depicts the tragic destiny of a Francisquian monk named Ambrosio, within the context of the 18th Century in catholic Spain Ambrosio (Vincent Cassel) is abandoned at the door of a monastery when he is just a newborn baby and, therefore, he is raised by the friars. As a mature man he becomes an admired preacher known for his fervour, his perturbing personality and his shady intransigence. He believes himself protected of men's sin and free of any temptation. Anyhow, the sudden arrival of a misterious novice will stir all his convictions and sweep him to the way of perdition. Gallery Awards Composer of the Year en el Hollywood Film Award 2011 Soundtrack Composer of the Year en el World Soundtrack Award 2012 Festivals Festival De Sevilla 2011 Festival De Sitges 2011 Festival Internacional De Cine De San Sebastián 2011 Paris Cinema International Film Festival 2011 The Times [...]


NEON FLESH Trailer Synopsis When street hustler and petty crook Ricky learns that his mother is soon to be released from prison, he decides to open up a brothel in her honor. With his friends Angelito and The Kid, he corrals some girls and opens his own place called Hiroshima. Unfortunately this step up in the world brings Ricky a whole new set of problems, chief among them Chino, a ruthless crime boss who doesn't take kindly to Ricky opening his business on his turf. Gallery Awards  Plácido de Plata for Best Film at the 12th International Black Film Festival of Manresa Festivals 43 Sitges 2010 12 Festival Internacional De Cinema Negre De Manresa 48: Ficxixón. Festival Internacional De Cine De Gijón Festival De Cine Europeo De Sevilla 2010 Details TITLE: Neon flesh YEAR: 2011 DURATION: 102 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Paco Cabezas WRITTEN BY: Paco Cabezas CAST: Ángela Molina, Mario Casas, Vicente Romero, Macarena Gómez, Luciano [...]


EVEN THE RAIN Trailer Synopsis Costa and Sebastian arrive in Cochabamba, Bolivia, to shoot a period film about Columbus's arrival in the Americas. They're on the tightest of budgets, but the shoot gets off to a smooth start. But things get complicated when their extras and main actor, locals to Cochabamba, rise up against the privatization of their drinking water. Their battle to get their film made intertwines with the fight of their Bolivian crew members, deprived of their most basic rights, prohibited from collecting even the rain. Gallery Awards 25 Premios Goya 2011 - Mejor Interpretación masculina de reparto (Karra Elejalde) 25 Premios Goya 2011 - Mejor dirección de producción 25 Premios Goya 2011 - Mejor música original 61 Festival Internacional De Cine De Berlín - Premio del Público Sección Panorama Elegida Por La Academia De Cine Para Representar A España En Los Oscar Medallas CEC 2010 - Mejor película Medallas CEC 2010 - Mejor dirección Medallas CEC 2010 - Mejor guión original Medallas CEC 2010 - Mejor actor [...]


BON APPÉTIT Trailer Synopsis Bon Appétit is the story of friends who kiss and cross the line that separates friendship and love, changing their lives forever. Daniel's dream has just come true. The young and ambitious Spanish chef has been offered a job in Thomas Wackerle's prestigious restaurant in Zurich. His prodigious talent will serve him well to succeed in Wackerle's challenging kitchen; but it will not stop turning his relationship with Hanna, the attractive sommelier of the restaurant, into more than a simple friendship. Daniel's well-ordered world will be turned upside down, confronting him with a difficult decision: continue on the path of professional success or take a risk and fight for the girl he loves. Gallery Awards 25 Premios Goya 2011/25Th Goya Awards Mejor Dirección Novel/Best New Director Cineescena I Festival Internacional De Cine Gastronómico De La Laguna, Tenerife 2011 Mejor interpretación (Unax Ugalde) Festival De Málaga. Cine Español 2010 Premio Especial del Jurado Festival De Málaga. Cine Español 2010 Biznaga de Plata al mejor actor (Unax Ugalde) [...]


DANIEL AND ANA Trailer Synopsis Daniel and Ana, brother and sister, best friends. Both are at pivotal, defining moments in their contented lives. Ana is about to be married, Daniel is a gregarious teenager discovering his personal and sexual identity. Yet their harmony is instantly shattered when they are kidnapped and something shocking happens which forces them to confront their desires and fears. Suddenly their old lives are a distant memory. Now, nothing they have known will ever be the same again. Gallery Details TITLE: Daniel & Ana YEAR: 2010 DURATION: 88 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain  PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria and Daniel Birman DIRECTED BY: Michel Franco WRITTEN BY: Michel Franco CAST: Marimar Vega and Darío Yazbek


AMERICA Trailer Synopsis A tragic story told in a burlesque and ironic way, within a love triangle. Liza, a beautiful young Russian woman, is married to Victor, a small-time crook who lives on scheming and swindling, born and bred in Portugal. Fernanda, the ex wife, who ten year's passed decides to drop by, is the gang leader, an Andalusian Spaniard. Victor has to decide which women to follow, Liza cannot really leave him, Fernanda doesn't really want to stay. The six year old kid hangs everybody by a string. Eastern European newcomers give new business perspectives that are going to rock their small world by the beach: Cova do Vapor. A chaotic neighborhood of precarious housing located at Lisbon's gates, where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic, where fishermen and retired factory workers coexist. An obscure little place, where everything suddenly changes, even the weather. After a violent storm, the gangster's house gets a rusted fishing boat hanging on top of their home. Gallery Awards 15 Del Festival De Cine Internacional [...]


ROOM IN ROME Trailer Synopsis A hotel room in the heart of Rome. Two young women who have only just met travel together on an intimate, passionate journey that will mark their bodies and souls deeply. Slowly they allow themselves to be borne away, each into the unknown terrain of the other, until both find themselves transfixed before a completely new love. The story unfolds over twelve hours, through the night and into the early morning, before each woman departs, Alba to Spain and Natasha to Russia. Gallery Awards Premio Asecan (Asociación De Escritores Cinematográficos De Andalucía) Mejor fotografía Festivals Festival De Cine De Seattle 2010 (Estados Unidos/Usa) Festival De Málaga. Cine Español 2010 Sección oficial (fuera de concurso) Festival De San Sebastián / San Sebastian International Film Festival 2010. Made in Spain Festival Internacional De Cine De Oldenburg 2010 (Alemania) Details TITLE: Room in Rome YEAR: 2009 DURATION: 108 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Julio Medem WRITTEN [...]


CELL 211 Trailer Synopsis A novice prison official has the bad luck of starting a new job on the same day the prisoners organize a mutiny. Entangled by the capricious and tragic circumstances, he must make the most of his own greatest resource: his intelligence. Discovering he is far from the shy, weak and even good man he has long considered himself, he finds he is a born survivor on the edge of an abyss. Gallery Awards Festival De Cine De Seattle 2010 (Estados Unidos/Usa) Premio al Mejor Actor a Luis Tosar I Edición Premios Alma De Guión, Madrid, 2011 Mejor largometraje Premios Ace 2010 Mejor actor (Luis Tosar) Premios Ace 2010 Mejor actor de reparto (Carlos Bardem) Premios Sant Jordi 2010 Mejor película española Programa Versión Española-Sgae Premio FAPAE 2011 a la Película Española de Mayor Repercusión Internacional Premios Goya 2010 - Mejor película Premios Goya 2010 - Mejor director Premios Goya 2010 - Mejor actor (Luis Tosar) Premios Goya 2010 - Mejor actriz de reparto (Marta Etura) Premios Goya [...]


I COME WITH THE RAIN Trailer Synopsis Ex-Los Angeles cop turned private eye travels to Hong Kong in search of the missing son of a billionaire. Gallery Details TITLE: I come with the rain YEAR: 2009 DURATION: 110 min GENRE: Thriller NATIONALITY: USA PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria, Simon Fawcett, François Lamotte, Jean-Pierre Marois, Chen On Chu, Jean Cazes, JoAnn Cabalda Banaga, Lesa Greenfield, Julie LeBrocquy, Fernando Sulichin, Ricardo Fernández-Deu DIRECTED BY: Tran Anh Hung WRITTEN BY: Tran Anh Hung CAST: Josh Harnett, Tran Nu Yên-Khê and Byung-hun Lee


LAST WITNESSES Trailer Synopsis Fraga: A documentary about 20th century Spanish history as told through the exceptional testimony of one of the last great witnesses, Manuel Fraga. The film spans the years of the Second Republic seeking to uncover the roles played by the Church, Franco and Nationalists in an era of momentous political turmoil. The film blends footage images, photographs and unpublished letters that enrich the amazing revelations of our character. Carrillo: Santiago Carrillo is 92. Most of his colleagues and even many of his disciples, have already died. He is a living witness who has viewed recent Spanish history from a privileged position. He is both witness and protagonist. His decisions have had a profound influence on the course of events, occasionally having a dramatic impact on them. Gallery Details TITLE: Last witnesses YEAR: 2008 DURATION: 155 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: España PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: José Luis López Linares (Fraga), Manuel Martín Cuenca (Carrillo) WRITTEN BY: Manuel Milián Mestre (Fraga Iribarne), Ignacio Gutiérrez Solana (Carrillo comunista), Manuel Martín Cuenca (Carrillo [...]


CHE THE ARGENTINIAN Trailer Synopsis On November 26, 1956, Fidel Castro sails to Cuba with eighty rebels. One of those rebels is Ernesto "Che" Guevara, an Argentine doctor who shares a common goal with Fidel Castro- to overthrow the corrupt dictatorship ofFulgencio Batista. Che proves indispensable as a fighter, and quickly grasps the art of guerrilla warfare. As he throws himself into the struggle, Che is embraced by his comrades and the Cuban people. the argentine tracksChe's rise in the Cuban Revolution, from doctor to commander to revolutionary hero. Gallery Awards Premios Goya 2009 - Mejor actor (Benicio del Toro) Premios Goya 2009 - Mejor Dirección artística Details TITLE: Che The Argentinian YEAR: 2008 DURATION: 128 min GENRE: Drama/ Action NATIONALITY: Spain/ United States PRODUCED BY: Laura Bickford, Álvaro Augustín, Álvaro Longoria, Belén Atienza DIRECTED BY: Steven Soderbergh WRITTEN BY: Peter Buchmann CAST: Benicio del Toro, Demian Bichir, Norman Santiago


CHE GUERRILLA Trailer Synopsis After the Cuban Revolution, Che is at the height of his fame and power. Then he disappears, re-emerging incognito in Bolivia, where he organizes a small group of Cuban comrades and Bolivian recruits to start the great Latin American Revolution. The story of the Bolivian campaign is a tale of tenacity, sacrifice, idealism, and of guerrilla warfare that ultimately fails, bringing Che to his death. Through this story, we come to understand how Che remains a symbol of idealism and heroism that lives in the hearts of people around the world. Gallery Details TITLE: Che Guerilla YEAR: 2008 DURATION: 135 min GENRE: Drama/ Action NATIONALITY: Spain/ United States PRODUCED BY: Laura Bickford, Álvaro Augustín, Álvaro Longoria, Belén Atienza DIRECTED BY: Steven Soderbergh WRITTEN BY: Peter Buchmann CAST:Benicio del Toro, Demian Bichir, Norman Santiago


THE POSSIBILITY OF AN ISLAND Trailer Synopsis After many years of separation, Daniel comes to meet up with his father who is the leader of a sect based in the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands). With the recruitment of a highly qualified scientist they want to create a race that will survive to the human race. Twenty-five generations afterwards, Daniel 25 survived to the cataclysms that have devastated the human race. Guided by mysterious messages appearing on his computer screens, his life changes when he discovers the existence of another survivor on the Earth surface... Gallery Details TITLE: The Possibilty of an Island YEAR: 2008 DURATION: 85 mins GENRE: Science Fiction NATIONALITY: France, Spain PRODUCED BY: Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer, Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Michel Houellebecq (based on the renowned novel) WRITTEN BY: Michel Houellebecq (based on the renowned novel) CAST:Patrick Bauchau, Benoit Magimel, Andrzej Seweryn


THE APPEARED Trailer Synopsis A horror road movie in Patagonia. A journey to the dark side of the soul. The siblings Malena and Pablo return to Argentina and discover a diary that tells of crimes committed twenty years ago. In one night past and present come together. A family is hunted down, tortured and killed. All the action unfolds step by step in front of the powerless siblings according to the descriptions given in the diary. From this moment on their trip turns into a nightmare. They cannot figure out whether those people whose lives they fight to save are real or mere reflections of something that happened in the past. Gallery Details TITLE: The Appeared YEAR: 2007 DURATION: 106 mins GENRE: Terror NATIONALITY: Spain/Argentina PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Paco Cabezas WRITTEN BY: Paco Cabezas CAST: Javier Pereira and Ruth Díaz


THE TREASURE Trailer Synopsis When his mother dies, fifteen-year-old Fran is taken to an orphanage. He soon runs away to Galicia, the land where his parents were born, in search of his roots. While taking a coastal walk one day, he is trapped by the tide and is unable to get back home, so he falls asleep on an isolated beach. He awakes to the sound of a motorboat being chased by the police and sees a package being thrown overboard. Out of curiosity Fran fishes out the bundle and takes it to a cave only to discover that it contains a consignment of hashish. Gallery Details TITLE: The Treasure YEAR: 2008 DURATION: 95 mins GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Ricardo Fernández-Deu, Emma Lustres and Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Manuel Martín Cuenca WRITTEN BY: Tacho Gonzalez and Alejandro Hernández CAST:Antonio de la Torre, Julio Soler, Paula Charlín


SALIR PITANDO Trailer Synopsis Football referee Jose Luis Perez is an emotional wreck. His professional reputation is in jeopardy as a result of a series of controversial decisions. Added to that he is still in love with his ex-wife who has just announced that she has a new lover. Perez leaves town under a cloud to referee the last and decisive match of the season with his best linesman and loyal friend Rafa. After Rafa reveals his own shameful secret, the two become embroiled in a series of hilarious mishaps on their way to the big game that lead them both to the truth about love, friendship, and football. Gallery Details TITLE: Salir Pitando YEAR: 2007 DURATION: 94 mins GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol and Álvaro Agustín DIRECTED BY: Álvaro Fernández Armero WRITTEN BY: Juan Cavestany and Álvaro Fernández Armero CAST:Guillermo Toledo, Javier Gutiérrez, Antonio de la Torre


THE ZONE Trailer Synopsis Alejandro lives in the centre of Mexico City in an enclosed, self-sufficient Zonesurrounded by ghettos and policed by a powerful private security force. As dawn breaks on his birthday, three teens from the adjacent poorer neighbourhood break into one of The Zone's houses. In the confusion, an old lady is killed, but a young housemaid escapes and warns the security guards. The guards shoot two of the robbers, but the third escapes and remains hidden inside The Zone. The Zone's residents meet at Alejandro's family's house to discuss what to do. After a heated debate, they decide not to report the crime to the police and to hunt the burglars down themselves. Differences of opinion are overlooked and the hunt begins. Gallery Awards Festival De Atenas 2007 Mejor guión Festival De Cine De Venecia 2007 León del Futuro, Premio Luigi de Laurentiis a la mejor ópera prima, Festival De Cine De Venecia 2007 Mejor película latinoamericana Festival De Cine De Venecia 2007 Premio por la paz Cinemavvenire Festival De Montreal Premio del Público [...]


EL CARNAVAL DE SODOMA Trailer Synopsis In a grotty brothel, various people parade their frustrations: a poet who hasnever been published, a revolutionary who arrived late in history, aprovocative angel, a bureaucrat with delusions of becoming a dancer, anavaricious Chinese man and his spineless wife; Monica, a prostitute withlow-esteem in her profession, a group of prostitutes with doubtful sensualityand finally a priest who lives the life of a saint and another with redeemerinstincts. But a stranger appears with the air of a princess about her and sheupsets the balance in the establishment. Gallery Details TITLE: Carnaval de Sodoma YEAR: 2006 DURATION: 124 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: México - Spain PRODUCED BY: Miguel Necoechea CO-PRODUCED BY: Marta García León, Alvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Arturo Ripstein WRITTEN BY: Paz Alicia Garciadiego CAST: Alejandro Camacho, Fernando Lujan, Carlos Cobos, Patricia Reyes-Spindola


CARGO Trailer Synopsis Cargo is a psychological thriller that takes place on a cargo ship bound for Europe from Africa's western coast. On board, a mysterious killer is murdering the crew, one by one. Gallery Details TITLE: Cargo YEAR: 2005 DURATION: 95 mins GENRE: Thriller NATIONALITY: Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon and Andrea Calderwood DIRECTED BY: Clive Gordon WRITTEN BY: Paul Laverty CAST:Peter Mullan, Daniel Brühl and Luis Tosar


IBERIA Trailer Synopsis This Carlos Saura´s masterpiece shows a "tour de force" in which the camera, the scenery, the dancers and the musicians all get a marvellous equilibrium between "flamenco", classical music, ballet and modern dancing, a really special and moving portrait. Iberiacounts with prestigious artist as Sara Baras, Manolo Sanlucar, Antonio Canales, Aída Gómez, Enrique Morente, Estrella Morente and many more. Gallery Awards XX Premios Goya 2006 Mejor fotografía Details TITLE: Iberia YEAR: 2005 DURATION: 95 mins GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Carlos Saura WRITTEN BY: Carlos Saura CAST:Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, Aída Gómez


SCHOOL'S OUT Trailer Synopsis SCHOOL'S OUT takes place at Lisbon's Spanish High school (Liceo Español), less than two months away from graduation. It is time for the class to make up their mind about where to travel to celebrate leaving school. What the class teacher does not know is that the decision would create a "civil war" situation between two irreconcilable groups: "the good boys of the class", who favour the sensible and cultural idea of going to Paris and the troublemakers who would rather go to the not so "cultural" Benidorm, where they would be at the beach during the day and partying at night. The war has started. Gallery Details TITLE: School´s Out YEAR: 2005 DURATION: 90 mins GENRE: Teen comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol DIRECTED BY: Miguel Martí WRITTEN BY: Juan Carlos Rubio CAST: Jordi Vilches, Yohana Cobo, Álvaro Monje


PEOPLE Trailer Synopsis Arthus de Poulignac is the Parisian jet-set's great chamberlain. He reigns over the parties and celebrations of the "happy few", anticipating their desires, bowing to their whims, deciding capriciously who is "in" who is "out" and who will never be. Master of ceremony during a show only he knows how to prepare, an unfortunate accident turns him into the laughing stock of all Paris. In order to regain his lost prestige, Arthus feels forced to travel to Ibiza to find a place in the island of hedonism among a cast of eccentric and bizarre characters until he meets the king, John John, who is the most extravagant, frivolous and inconsistent all of them. Finally, Arthus loses his faith in some of the things he had so far considered sacred, but finds instead a new friend and a new meaning to his life. Gallery Details TITLE: People YEAR: 2013 DURATION: 87 mins GENRE: Comedia NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol, Alberto Marini, Mercedes Gamero and Kristina Larsen DIRECTED BY: Álex [...]


BACK TO GAYA Trailer Synopsis The imaginary world of Gaya is home to a race of creatures who are much smaller than humans, but who have an uncanny resemblance to them. The Gayans live surrounded by breathtaking scenery that is rich in dazzling colour. But Gaya’s inhabitants are facing imminent extinction. Someone has stolen the magic stone Dalamite without which this world is doomed. Two Gayans called Boo and Zino embark on the dangerous mission of tracking down and recovering the stone. Their journey takes them into another world that is both strange and frightening – our everyday reality. It is only when the pair leave Gaya together with the feisty mayor’s daughter Alanta that they realise they are the heroes of a TV series. The intrepid adventurers discover that Gaya is merely a figment of a TV scriptwriter’s imagination and only exists on the small screen. The tiny adventurers don’t have much time to reflect upon the peculiarities of the human world. After all they have a mystery to solve. The characters have three questions that need to be urgently [...]


LOOKING FOR FIDEL Trailer Synopsis After the detention by the Fidel Castro's regime of about 75 so-called dissidents and after the execution by summary trials of the three hijackers of a hostage-full ferry out on Havana Bay in 2003, a crisis broke out bringing down the image of the Cuban regime in the world. Oliver Stone left Spain with a small production team with the mission of investigating the situation on the island. An in-depth interview was organized with Commander Fidel Castro as well as with dissidents, their relatives and prisoners. The film is based on more than 30 hours of talks between Oliver Stone and Castro, where the film director, using an aggressive approach, questions Castro about the critical political situation on the island, the international political pressure, Castro's succession, international politics in general and George W Bush's policy in particular. The film shows the testimony of dissidents such as Osvaldo Paya and others, and of hijackers and prisoners' relatives. The film also features powerful footage images and a sound track composed by Mastretta. Gallery Details TITLE: Looking for Fidel [...]


THE TRUTH AND OTHER LIES Trailer Synopsis The truth and other lies is a romantic comedy of intrigue about two 30-year old city-dweller couples who decide for once in their lives to speak frankly to each other and set aside the little lies that make coexistence possible. Synopsis Details TITLE:  The truth and other lies YEAR: 2004 DURATION: 91 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Álvaro Fernández Armero WRITTEN BY: Álvaro Fernández Armero and Roberto Santiago CAST: Natalia Verbeke, Tristán Ulloa, Oscar Jaenada, María Esteve


THE CON GAME Trailer Synopsis The fall of Alberto Fujimori's corrupt government in Lima. Meanwhile, seven unscrupulous characters cross each other's paths captivated by the charms of a clever swindler and his promise to make their most urgent dreams come true. A comedy about that dimension of our desires that drives our lives forward day after day and at the same time that makes us easily vulnerable. A dramatic story about the small and big lies that invade our daily lives. DOBLE JUEGO is built around each of these characters, revealing their dreams and their way of living and lying in this story full of surprises and traps. Gallery Details TITLE: The con game YEAR: 2004 DURATION: 90 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Peru/Spain/Chile/Cuba PRODUCED BY: Robert Bevan, Doland Ranvaud, Alberto Durant and Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Alberto Durant WRITTEN BY: Alberto Durant CAST: Fernando Cayo, Fabrizio Aguilar, Mari Pili Barreda


SLAM Trailer Synopsis SLAM is a cheeky, irreverent comedy for a young audience about the adventures of two youngsters in their twenties travelling to a music festival, the "CACTUS FESTIVAL", in search of an interview with the inaccessible SLAM, the biggest rock star of all time. SLAM is a production of MORENA's HAPPYHOURlabel. Gallery Details TITLE: Slam YEAR: 2003 DURATION: 94 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol DIRECTED BY: Miguel Martí WRITTEN BY: Juan Carlos Rubio CAST: Iván Hermés, Tomás Fonzi, Juana Acosta, Estibaliz Gabilondo, Andreu Castro


THE CARPENTER'S PENCIL Trailer Synopsis It's February 1936. The doctor Daniel Da Barca (Tristan Ulloa) is a well-known socialist intellectual. Daniel's girlfriend is Marisa Mallo (Maria Adanez) daughter of a fascist-supporting smuggler who is opposed to Marisa's "politically dangerous" relationship. Just before theCivil War breaks out, a guard named Herbal (Luis Tosar) asks to assigned to follow Daniel Da Barca, whom, he claims, he knows very well. Then Herbal's obsessive persecution begins and he becomes the shadow of both Daniel Da Barca and his girlfriend Marisa. When the Civil War breaks out Daniel is brutally detained and sent to prison in Santiago de Compostela. While Daniel is in prison, Benito Mallo tries to get his daughter Marisa to forget about him by introducing Alejandro to her, a fascist soldier considered by Benito as the ideal husband. But Marisa refuses to give up her love for Daniel and disregarding all risks involved, she begins a desperate fight to set him free. Her life then falls in the hands of Herbal, the guard, who has to decide between violence and conscience and between hate and admiration for Daniel Da Barca. Gallery [...]


CABALLÉ, BEYOND MUSIC Trailer Synopsis ONLY CABALLÉ combines the tradition of musicals with the documentary style, showing not only Caballé, the Prima Donna, but also Montserrat, the Woman. The film makes us re-live, through an intimate story told in first person by the artist, the most important musical, personal and emotional moments of such a long and passionate life. Her tough beginnings, her training, her doubts and setbacks, the cities that saw her grow as an artist and the performances that launched her to international stardom, all go hand in hand with the testimony of those who knew her qrowing as an artist and as a woman: from the great tenor, Placido Domingo to the brilliant Freddy Mercury, from the legendary Claudio Abbado and Zubin Mehta, to the writer Terenci Moix and the ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, among others. Gallery Details TITLE: Only Caballé YEAR: 2003 DURATION: 98 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria and Alberto Sabaté DIRECTED BY: Antonio A. Farré WRITTEN BY: Alberto Sabaté and Antonio A. [...]


COMANDANTE Trailer Synopsis COMANDANTE, directed by Oliver Stone, is a portrait of Fidel Castro and of Cuba's present situation. It reviews the most important moments since Castro took power, highlighting some of the critical situations with its neighbouring countries, particularly the United States, its relations with the former USSR and the Eastern bloc, Cuba's intervention in Africa, the boycotts and the international isolation, the different efforts to dignify its people (education, public health…), repression and tolerance, the lack of freedom of speech for minorities, etc. All this in a country that has faced with optimism all sorts of difficulties in a context of extreme poverty that worsens each passing minute. Gallery Details TITLE: Comandante YEAR: 2003 DURATION: 66 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Fernando Sulichin and Oliver Stone DIRECTED BY: Oliver Stone WRITTEN BY: Oliver Stone and José Ibáñez


THE BEST IS YET TO COME Trailer Synopsis THE BEST IS YET TO COME is a crazy comedy where nothing goes right. The main character is Miguel, a man in his twenties who spends a weekend at his parents' house "to be alone" with his girlfriend only to find that his "wonderful plan" is ruined when all of a sudden his brother shows up with a dead body Gallery Details TITLE: The best is yet to come YEAR: 2002 DURATION: 99 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain/UK PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: David Blanco and Jorge Semprún WRITTEN BY: David Blanco and Jorge Semprún CAST: Elsa Pataky, Víctor Clavijo, Guillermo Toledo


INFERNO Trailer Synopsis INFERNO is a thriller that takes place at the Spanish-Portuguese where by pure chance a group of former Portuguese army special commandos gets involved in an incident with a gang of drug dealers. The pot-bellied ex-soldiers, now in their forties, will have to put their differences aside and remember the good old times to save the lives of two of them, taken hostages by the drug dealers in a dark road-side brothel. Gallery Details TITLE: Inferno YEAR: 2002 DURATION: 100 min GENRE: Thriller NATIONALITY: Portugal - Spain PRODUCED BY: Tino Navarro y Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Joaquim Leitao WRITTEN BY: Joaquim Leitao y Tino Navarro CAST: Joaquim D'almeida, Rogeiro Samora, Cristina Cámara, Sancho Gracia


NORTHBOUND Trailer Northbound is the story of the immigrant's long journey, from his country of origin up to his final destination, geographically and personally speaking. People with different faces and motivations to leave their countries for an uncertain and unknown world. Their journeys, though, are very much alike. Gallery Details TITLE: Northbound YEAR: 2002 DURATION: 127 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Manuel Martín Cuenca, José Manuel Campos, Pilar García Elegido y Natalia Díaz WRITTEN BY: Manuel Martín Cuenca, José Manuel Campos, Pilar García Elegido y Natalia Díaz


PORTMAN Trailer Synopsis Portman is a small mining town in the coast of Murcia and is the home of this story of ecological abuse, social conflict and economic crisis. A story revealing in full today but kept out of the public eye since the eighties by the successive central and autonomous governments. An issue that due to that long lasting silence nobody now seems willing to address. Gallery Details TITLE: Portman YEAR: 2001 DURATION: 91 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Miguel Martí WRITTEN BY: Miguel Martí


FISH PEOPLE Trailer Synopsis The characters of Gente Pez share a flat in the big city, far from their family homes for the first time. All of them naively believe that their new independence is the first step towards a guaranteed happiness. They do not take into account that their negligible experience as adults and their recalcitrant selfishness will lead them straight to the most pathetic and funny failure. In other words, it's a story of a group of boys and girls dealing the best they can with problems of daily life in the same house. GENTE PEZ opened in the summer of 2001 and achieved great box office success, as one of the year's most seen Spanish films. GENTE PEZ was MORENA'S first HAPPYHOUR production Synopsis Details TITLE: Fish people YEAR: 2001 DURATION: 89 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain/UK PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon and Álvaro Longoria DIRECTED BY: Jorge Iglesias WRITTEN BY: Jorge Iglesias and Mauro Entrialgo CAST: Juan Díaz, David Tenreiro, Diana Palazón, Luke Donovan


DOG DAYS (CANÍCULA) Trailer Synopsis A film director suffering from a creative crisis; a Telemadrid journalist; a butcher and a housewife with their legs in a cast; a Maghrib taxi driver; an unemployed publicist; a young judge; a daddy's boy employed as a labourer. Although it is hard to believe, all these characters have something in common: they are on summer holidays in Madrid. The relentless heat of the dog-days will have devastating effects on their lives. Their stories will become more complicated as the city's temperature rises and the problems of some of them will affect the life of the others, forming a sticky spider's web they cannot escape from until the end of August. Gallery Details TITLE: Dog days (Canícula) YEAR: 2000 DURATION: 114 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain/UK PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Álvaro García Capelo WRITTEN BY: Álvaro García Capelo CAST: Sergi Calleja, Farid Fatmi, Aitor Merino, Elvira Mínguez, Antón Reixa, Andrés Resino, Nathalie Seseña


ONE OF THE HOLLYWOOD TEN Trailer Synopsis Set in the 50's, Hollywood's most brilliant and glamorous years, the film tells the story of director Herbert Biberman (Jeff Goldblum) and his wife (Greta Scacchi), the acclaimed Oscar-winning actress Gale Sondergaard. ONE OF THE HOLLYWOOD TEN tells, in a thriller style, the moving inside story of the hardships encountered by a director to finish shooting "La Sal de la Tierra", a film about the miners' strikes in New Mexico's Hispanic Community. This project becomes highly traumatic for the family, since Herbert decides not to give his wife Galesthe film's leading role, as she does not match character's profile. Sacrificing his family and his love relationship, he seeks in "La Sal de la Tierra", the proof that he can still direct and that he is not a second-rate director, as some actors in the studios have insinuated. In the midst of a great tension, he manages to finish shooting the film. Synopsis Details TITLE: One of the Hollywood ten YEAR: 2000 DURATION: 109 min [...]


QUEEN OF SWORDS Synopsis Set in 1817, QUEEN OF SWORDS is an action/adventure TV series that presents a new heroine, Maria Teresa Alvarado (Tessie Santiago), a young, brave and adventurous woman of Spanish noble origin who comes back to California in search of the truth behind her father's death (José Sancho). Upon arrival she finds her family estate in ruins and its inhabitants living under the terror and tyranny of a military governor. Details TITLE: Queen of swords YEAR: 2000-2001 DURATION: 30 min (22 episodes) GENRE: Action and adventures, TV show NATIONALITY: Spain/UK/France/Canada/USA PRODUCED BY: Mercury Entertainment Corporation, Telefónica, Global, Morena Films, Costume and Production Services Inc., Amy International Artists, Fireworks Entertainment y M6 Métropole Télévision DIRECTED BY: Paolo Barzman, Peter Ellis, Brian Grant, Richard Martin, Norma Bailey, George Mendeluk, Jorge Montesi WRITTEN BY: James Thorpe, Durnford King, Scott Kraft, Elizabeth Keyishian, Steve Roberts CAST: Tessie Santiago, Anthony Lemke, Elsa Pataky, Peter Wingfield, Paulina Gálvez, Valentine Pelka, Tacho González, Freddy Douglas, Pilar Abella, Anthony De Longis, Irene González, Domingo Beltrán, Darius Davidauskas, Miglen Mirtchev, James Innes-Smith [...]


BIG BAD WOLF Synopsis Big Bad Wolf Is an exciting 39-episode program-story of 20 minutes each, conceived with a humorous touch for an audience of children 3 to 8 years old. The main characters are played by a group of funny and expressive puppets representing animals and other fantastic beings. All characters have a personality of their own and change, grow and adapt themselves to each story's situation. Every episode also includes a real blood and flesh actor or actress in a secondary but always funny role which does not break the humor and innocence of the rest of the animal characters. In co-production with Big Bad Wolf Productions (Belgium). Details TITLE: Big bad wolf YEAR: 2000-2002 DURATION:  39 episodes GENRE: Children TV show NATIONALITY: Spain/UK PRODUCED BY: Big Bad Wolf Productions DIRECTED BY: Serge Leurs


KINGS OF RECYCLING Synopsis KINGS OF RECYCLING is a 55-minute documentary that looks into the inventiveness of the Cuban people to make up for what they have been denied by the political situation on the island. Details TITLE: Kings of recycling YEAR: 2000 DURATION: 55 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain-Cuba PRODUCED BY: Millenium Film, Filmitakomo y Morena Films DIRECTED BY: Álvaro Pardo WRITTEN BY: Álvaro Pardo CAST: Toni González Martín, Lesme del Toro, José Izquierdo, Eugenio O’Halaran, Alfredo Muñoz


THE PEACEMAKER Synopsis This one-hour documentary makes the audience live one of the most shocking world conflicts, between Israel and Palestine, right beside the European mediator and then Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos, and his team. The viewer will be an exceptional witness of the negotiating efforts and the difficulties encountered in finding a final solution to the conflict. Details TITLE: The peacemaker YEAR: 2003 DURATION: 52 min GENRE: Documentary NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Alvaro Longoria and Macarena Rey DIRECTED BY: Josep Serra WRITTEN BY: Josep Serra


CHAVELA VARGAS Synopsis Chavela is a biographical documentary about the life and career of this acclaimed singer. The project comes to fill the gap that existed around one of the most popular and at the same time unknown personalities of Latin culture. The documentary also shows the singer's return to public life after years of inactivity. Details


NEON FLESH (SHORT) Synopsis Ricky`s mother, Pura, has just got out of jail and on a desperate attempt of show a "normal life" in front of his mother, Ricky tries to get rid of those who have become his family over the past two years: a yonkie, a transvestite with existential problems and a kidnapper. Gallery Awards 2nd National Award in the Cinemad Short Film Contest  Best Short Film at the Boca Del Lobo International Film Festival, 2005  Best Actor at the Festival Int. De Cortos De Fic Móstoles Audience Award at the Villa Joyosa Alicante National Short Film Festival 2006  Youth Jury Award at the Aguilar De Campo Spanish Film Week Details TITLE: Neon flesh (short) YEAR: 2005 DURATION: 20 min GENRE: Comedy NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: Paco Cabezas WRITTEN BY: Paco Cabezas CAST: Óscar Jaenada, Victoria Abril, Vicente Romero and Macarena Gómez


DOLLY Synopsis Gonzalo, twenty two, has been granted a scholarship to study next year in California. Before going he feels the urge to confess his love to his best friend's girlfriend. After the farewell party a joint in the lonely park at night becomes the last chance to tell her. It's now or never. And those fifteen minutes might change his life forever. The air is loaded with silences, gazes, memories, insignificant responses….but, what about the truth? Are fifteen minutes enough to reach the truth? Gallery Details TITLE: Dolly YEAR: 2006 DURATION: 90 min GENRE: Drama NATIONALITY: Spain PRODUCED BY: Robert Bevan, Doland Ranvaud, Alberto Durant and Juan Gordon DIRECTED BY: David Pinillos WRITTEN BY: David Pinillos CAST: Álex González, Xenia Tostado and Miguel Ángel Silvestre


THE UNNAMED REVOLUTION Synopsis During Spain's six-month European Union presidency the anti-globalization movement that marked the birth of the XXI century took on "national overtones". Thousands of Spaniards joined this new ideological trend and took to the streets right in front of our cameras, showed their faces, their ideological codes and the way they understand life. Details