Project Description




Arthus de Poulignac is the Parisian jet-set’s great chamberlain. He reigns over the parties and celebrations of the “happy few”, anticipating their desires, bowing to their whims, deciding capriciously who is “in” who is “out” and who will never be. Master of ceremony during a show only he knows how to prepare, an unfortunate accident turns him into the laughing stock of all Paris. In order to regain his lost prestige, Arthus feels forced to travel to Ibiza to find a place in the island of hedonism among a cast of eccentric and bizarre characters until he meets the king, John John, who is the most extravagant, frivolous and inconsistent all of them. Finally, Arthus loses his faith in some of the things he had so far considered sacred, but finds instead a new friend and a new meaning to his life.



TITLE: People
YEAR: 2013
DURATION: 87 mins
GENRE: Comedia
PRODUCED BY: Pedro Uriol, Alberto Marini, Mercedes Gamero and Kristina Larsen
DIRECTED BY: Álex and David Pastor
WRITTEN BY: Álex and David Pastor
CAST: Quim Gutiérrez, José Coronado and Marta Etura